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The Ath-Cks55i Features An In-Line Three-Button Remote That Provides The Ability To Control Volume, Play, Pause, Fast Forward And Rewind Music Playback Functions On Compatible Apple Devices. The Remote Also Lets Iphone Users Answer Calls Over The Headphones, Or While Talking Via Skype Or Voip On An Iphone, Ipad Or Ipod Touch®. The Microphone Has An Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern (It Picks Up Sound From All Directions) And Is Designed For High-Quality, Intelligible Response, Enabling The Wearers Voice To Be Clearly Transmitted Without Having To Speak Directly Into The Mic.The Ath-Cks55is Solid Bass Technology Utilizes An Exclusive Double Air Chamber System. In Addition To The Main Air Chamber That Houses The Driver, The Earpieces Have An Additional Chamber That Operates In Conjunction With A Specially Shaped Housing To Control And Focus The Air Flow Produced By The Driver Movement And Expand Its Bass Output.In Addition, The Ear Tips Of The Ath-Cks55i Are Designed For Maximum Bass Response, With A Movable Two-Position Post That Lets Wearers Adjust The Ear Tips For The Best Fit, Sound Isolation And Low-Frequency Performance. The Ath-Cks55i Features Audio-Technicas Direct-Diaphragm Driver Design That Mounts The Diaphragm Assembly (The Moving Internal Part That Produces Sound) Directly Onto The Edge Of The Enclosure For Increased Fidelity And Dynamic Impact.